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Eran Peled
Eran Peled


3 years ago


Introducing New Team Members

The Orbs team would like to welcome 4 new senior team members!

With the recent changes in the Orbs project, such as the project’s focus on the DeFi space and the introduction of Liquidity Nexus, we are excited to announce the addition of 4 new senior team members.

The new arrivals are Rotem Yakir, Ami Hazbany, and brothers: Yuval and Doron Aviguy. Each of them have very rich experience in the Israeli technology sector. They will all join the R&D team as software engineers, under the leadership of Orbs co-founder Tal Kol.

We are excited to have such a great group of people join the Orbs family and can promise them all the excitement the crypto space can bring!

A Strong addition to the Team

Each of the new arrivals is the best the start-up nation has to offer. They are all experienced software engineers and have a rich background in entrepreneurship and innovation. They are, without a doubt, a strong addition to the Orbs R&D team.

In order for you to get to know them better, we asked each of them to write a little about themselves, as well as answer some of our questions:

Rotem Yakir


Rotem previously co-founded MySP, a platform to create managerial solutions which are used by the top of Israeli enterprises, and Guggy, a GIF engine that was used by more than 100M users worldwide and was funded by investors such as Softbank and YC. He is a YC alumnus and a B2B and B2C startup veteran.

Q. How did you hear about Orbs?

A. I actually worked with Daniel on a blockchain project for 2 weeks in 2015, before leaving to start Guggy and I kept in touch with him. I’m excited to join forces again in Orbs to close a circle.

Yuval Aviguy


Yuval is a veteran software engineer with more than 20 years of experience.

Before joining Orbs, he worked for Taboola as a team leader in the Video Algo division. He was in charge of using Machine and Deep learning to model the video ads activity data for prediction and optimization.

Yuval also served in the past as CTO of the Israeli computer software company Montiera Technologies, as well as senior developer for Babylon and ICQ.

Q. What are some of the stuff you'll be working on for Orbs?

A. I'll extract and analyze on-chain data as well as build models which are going to be valuable for all the defi activity in Orbs.

Doron Aviguy


Just like his brother, Doron also worked for Taboola as a full-stack team leader, and for Montiera Technologies (these two seem to be inseparable :)

Doron is a crypto enthusiast, being in the crypto space since 2014. He is also an early adopter of DeFi since early 2020.

Doron’s favorite software languages are GO, and Javascript

Q. What excites you the most about blockchain technology?

A. I Instantly got swept away by the core idea of consensus, cryptographic currency and distributed ledger as soon as I learned about it in 2014. Later on, I got really enthusiastic about the power of smart contracts, which got a real boost with the emergence of DeFi.

Ami Hazbany


Ami previously founded Algora Capital, an AI-driven quantitative hedge fund focused on cryptocurrency markets aiming to dramatically mitigate risk and boost profit.

Ami brings 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry in a variety of roles, working with multiple technologies including advanced algorithms, AI, software architecture and development.

Ami holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MBA with a major in Finance, both from Tel Aviv University.

Q. How did you fall into the crypto "rabbit hole" and why are you passionate about it?

A. I always had a passion for new technologies and finance which paved my way into the crypto world. I am very excited about what Orbs is doing in the field of DeFi!

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