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Orbs Update April 2020: Recap

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovApril 30, 2020/by Nate Simantov

MetaMask Security Overview and Connecting to Tetra Wallet

Eran Peled Eran PeledApril 23, 2020/by Eran Peled

Introducing Locking When Staking ORBS

Oded Wertheim Oded WertheimApril 7, 2020/by Oded Wertheim

The New ORBS Locking Mechanism

Eran Peled Eran PeledApril 6, 2020/by Eran Peled

Orbs Technology Update April 2020

Eddy Kim Eddy KimApril 2, 2020/by Eddy Kim

4th Orbs Rewards Distribution: Summary

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinMarch 25, 2020/by Andrey Dulkin

Getting Ready for Round IV of Orbs Rewards Distribution

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinMarch 18, 2020/by Andrey Dulkin

Orbs Update March 2020

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovMarch 16, 2020/by Nate Simantov

Private vs Public Blockchain

Eran Peled Eran PeledFebruary 26, 2020/by Eran Peled

My time at the EthDenver Hackathon

Kirill Maksimov Kirill MaksimovFebruary 24, 2020/by Kirill Maksimov

Orbs Technology Update February 2020

Noam Berg Noam BergFebruary 19, 2020/by Noam Berg

Orbs’ Activity in the US Market

Eran Peled Eran PeledFebruary 12, 2020/by Eran Peled

Orbs Update January 2020

Eddy Kim Eddy KimJanuary 31, 2020/by Eddy Kim

Orbs and the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN)

Assaf Bielski Assaf BielskiJanuary 16, 2020/by Assaf Bielski

Hexa Foundation’s 2020 Vision for Blockchain-Led Social Impact

Netta Korin Netta KorinJanuary 12, 2020/by Netta Korin

Orbs Technology Update January 2020

Oded Wertheim Oded WertheimJanuary 9, 2020/by Oded Wertheim

3rd Orbs Rewards Distribution: Summary

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinDecember 26, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

How an Open Blockchain Standard Can Fix the Ills of Social Media

Danny Brown Wolf Danny Brown WolfDecember 25, 2019/by Danny Brown Wolf

Orbs Network — v1.3.6 fixes

Jonathan Levison Jonathan LevisonDecember 19, 2019/by Jonathan Levison

Getting Ready for Round III of Orbs Rewards Distribution

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinDecember 12, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Orbs Update December 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovDecember 11, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Sey Chain: Partnership between YES24 & Orbs

Ran Melamed Ran MelamedDecember 4, 2019/by Ran Melamed

The Blockchain-Based Solution to SNAP Fraud

Netta Korin Netta KorinNovember 28, 2019/by Netta Korin

Evangelizing Blockchain to the US Congress

Danny Brown Wolf Danny Brown WolfNovember 26, 2019/by Danny Brown Wolf

Developing on Orbs: Interview with UN Hackathon Winners

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovNovember 25, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Technology Update November 2019

Oren Gampel Oren GampelNovember 18, 2019/by Oren Gampel

The Sweet Spot | SFBW Blog

Gili Ovadia Gili OvadiaNovember 17, 2019/by Gili Ovadia

Orbs Update November 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovNovember 6, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Update October 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovOctober 6, 2019/by Nate Simantov

GBBC’s UN Hackathon: Afterthought

Jonathan Levison Jonathan LevisonOctober 3, 2019/by Jonathan Levison

Orbs Technology Update September 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovSeptember 26, 2019/by Nate Simantov

2nd Orbs Rewards Distribution: Summary

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinSeptember 25, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Orbs Update September 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovSeptember 8, 2019/by Nate Simantov

A Hybrid Consensus Model for Voting: Taking a Cue From Indonesia

Assaf Bielski Assaf BielskiSeptember 8, 2019/by Assaf Bielski

Getting Ready for Round II of Orbs Rewards Distribution

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinSeptember 3, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Bitcoin’s Unusual Property Rights

Neil Gandal Neil GandalAugust 27, 2019/by Neil Gandal

Orbs R&D Update August 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovAugust 18, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Update August 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovAugust 9, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Bitcoin Vs. Other Cryptocurrencies: A Different Pattern This Time Around?

Neil Gandal Neil GandalAugust 7, 2019/by Neil Gandal

Dear President Trump: Here’s why you want everyone using Bitcoin, including the bad guys

Netta Korin Netta KorinAugust 5, 2019/by Netta Korin

Celsius, BitGo and Staked Now Participate in Orbs’ PoS Universe

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovAugust 1, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Node Upgrade: Version 1.1.1

Noam Berg Noam BergJuly 24, 2019/by Noam Berg

Orbs R&D Update July 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovJuly 18, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Partners with Celsius Network

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovJuly 17, 2019/by Nate Simantov

Orbs Update July 2019

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovJuly 8, 2019/by Nate Simantov

First Orbs Rewards Distribution: Summary

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinJuly 4, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Orbs R&D Update June 2019

Eran Kirshenboim Eran KirshenboimJuly 2, 2019/by Eran Kirshenboim

TalpiHack: Solving the Challenge of Related Parties Dealings

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinJuly 1, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Making Sense of Libra

Oded Noam Oded NoamJune 30, 2019/by Oded Noam

Orbs Co-founder Promoting Projects Using Blockchain for Social Impact

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovJune 28, 2019/by Nate Simantov

A Sustainable Token Economy Cannot Be Inflationary

Oded Noam Oded NoamJune 24, 2019/by Oded Noam

On Cryptocurrencies and Payment Systems

Neil Gandal Neil GandalJune 18, 2019/by Neil Gandal

Guide to Apps on the Orbs Network, Part II: Writing a Front-End Part

Sergey Bolshchikov Sergey BolshchikovJune 17, 2019/by Sergey Bolshchikov

Orbs Universe: The First Six Weeks

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinJune 13, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Guardian Responsibilities

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinJune 13, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Orbs Rewards Distribution

Andrey Dulkin Andrey DulkinJune 12, 2019/by Andrey Dulkin

Complete Guide to Writing an App on the Orbs Network (Part I of II)

Kirill Maksimov Kirill MaksimovJune 11, 2019/by Kirill Maksimov

Blockchain Aid for the Refugee Crisis

Netta Korin Netta KorinJune 4, 2019/by Netta Korin

Troubleshooting the Orbs Platform | Case Study

Ido Zilberberg Ido ZilberbergJune 3, 2019/by Ido Zilberberg

Self-sovereign Identity on the Orbs Blockchain

Assaf Bielski Assaf BielskiMay 30, 2019/by Assaf Bielski

Insights into Orbs’ R&D Hackathon

Sergey Bolshchikov Sergey BolshchikovMay 30, 2019/by Sergey Bolshchikov

Orbs R&D Update May 2019

Eran Kirshenboim Eran KirshenboimMay 16, 2019/by Eran Kirshenboim

PoS Ecosystem Elections Update May 2019

Oded Wertheim Oded WertheimMay 14, 2019/by Oded Wertheim

Monitoring the Orbs Platform

Ido Zilberberg Ido ZilberbergMay 13, 2019/by Ido Zilberberg

Why Proof-Of-Stake Systems Can Benefit From External Oversight

Tal Kol Tal KolMay 2, 2019/by Tal Kol

PoS Under the Orbs Architecture

David Yakira David YakiraApril 24, 2019/by David Yakira

Introducing the new Orbs Community discussion board on Discourse

Nate Simantov Nate SimantovApril 17, 2019/by Nate Simantov

The Blockchain Dichotomy and an Architecture to Overcome It

Tal Kol Tal KolApril 15, 2019/by Tal Kol

How PoW and PoS Can Help Create Better Apps

David Yakira David YakiraApril 11, 2019/by David Yakira

The Road to Mainstream Use – Business Strategy for 2019

Uriel Peled Uriel PeledApril 8, 2019/by Uriel Peled

Introducing PRISM – The Orbs Block Explorer

Eran Kirshenboim Eran KirshenboimApril 4, 2019/by Eran Kirshenboim

The Orbs PoS Universe Archetypes — High Level Introduction

Tal Kol Tal KolApril 1, 2019/by Tal Kol

Defining the Public Blockchain

Tal Kol Tal KolMarch 29, 2019/by Tal Kol

Blockchain as the Next Evolutionary Step of the Open Source Movement

Tal Kol Tal KolMarch 26, 2019/by Tal Kol

What’s Being Launched - an Inventory List of Everything Part of V1 Release

Eran Kirshenboim Eran KirshenboimMarch 26, 2019/by Eran Kirshenboim

Distributed Key Generation: Writing Smart Contracts and Combatting Bad Actors

David Yakira David YakiraAugust 20, 2018/by David Yakira

Orbs’ Unified Theory of Randomness: Explaining the Helix Consensus Algorithm

Ido Grayevsky Ido GrayevskyJuly 17, 2018/by Ido Grayevsky

Ethereum Suffers from a Gas Crisis, and It’s by Design

Oded Noam Oded NoamJuly 9, 2018/by Oded Noam

Group Signature Schemes with Distributed Traceability (or how to open a signature fairly)

Maya Leshkovitz Maya LeshkovitzJune 28, 2018/by Maya Leshkovitz

Before EOS and Ethereum: How much has Proof-of-Stake evolved since PPCoin?

David Yakira David YakiraJune 25, 2018/by David Yakira

An Introduction to Proof-of-Stake and the Future of Consensus — a Talk by Orbs’ Head of Research

David Yakira David YakiraJune 17, 2018/by David Yakira

Technical AMA Session with the GroundX Team about Helix and Orbs — June 2018

Tal Kol Tal KolJune 12, 2018/by Tal Kol

What Stops a Successful App from Forking a Blockchain?

Tal Kol Tal KolMay 28, 2018/by Tal Kol

How to Run a Blockchain on a Deserted Island with Pen and Paper

Tal Kol Tal KolMay 10, 2018/by Tal Kol

Are fee-free blockchains possible?

David Yakira David YakiraMay 10, 2018/by David Yakira

Introducing Helix: The Orbs Consensus Algorithm

David Yakira David YakiraMay 8, 2018/by David Yakira

Who Controls Your Blockchain?

Tal Kol Tal KolMay 3, 2018/by Tal Kol

A federated model can protect decentralized platforms from some players having too much power

Oded Noam Oded NoamMay 2, 2018/by Oded Noam

Blockchain and Decentralized Consensus

Tal Kol Tal KolApril 30, 2018/by Tal Kol

It’s not about PoW/PoS: The Two Main Families of Consensus Models

Oded Noam Oded NoamApril 30, 2018/by Oded Noam

NOAH Conference: Orbs and Why Consumer Apps Decentralize

Tal Kol Tal KolMarch 14, 2018/by Tal Kol